Sponsor, Crew Chief, Boss & Friend
For Eleven + Years

Maybe the ending to my last narrative was too vague, maybe CW just mis-understood but THE BOOK is not about him, he is just a small part, a chapter or two where he is a key element.

(editors note; 4,738 words out of a book with more than 50,000 words pertain to Charles Wesley Caston and his inter-action with the author over an eleven year period)
(There was no response or acceptance of registered letters requesting Mr. Caston's approval of the use of his name and likeness in the author's auto-biographical account. Mail was actually returned by the post office as 'not signed for' This was sent to Mr. Caston as a courtesy along with copies of chapters that contained his name or likeness)

Caston called me after his brother discovered a story I had written that included Chuck's name. "I hear you are writing a book about me, I can't wait to read it!"

"No just a book about motorcycle dragracing, but yes you are mentioned a few times."

Chuck and I had not spoken to each other in almost 20 years.

The last time I spoke with CW Caston he had recommended me for a plumbing job at his place of employment. Chuck's boss gave me an interview based on Chuck's word. I told the man I did not need to be on Chuck's crew, but where ever he put me would be fine.

The man suddenly became confused, a puzzled look came over his face, "Did you say Chuck?"

"Yes sir."

"Chuck Caston?"

"Yes, he was the one who set up this interview."

His response was completely unexpected, "I'm sorry we don't have any positions available." and with that he excused himself and I left the office.

When I told Chuck he looked at me as if we were speaking two different languages. "Are you sure?"

I just let it drop and a few weeks later went on a M/C ride to Alaska.


Two days after my return from the Alaska wilderness I went over to Chuck's house. It was empty and the landlord had posted a for rent sign. It had only been three weeks, a logical thinking person would expect that they would be notified that a friend was moving a friend of almost SIXTEEN years.

But not in the case of Chucks move from Arvada, Colorado to Parker, Colorado. There was no call, no notice.

Even though a month before we had gone to the Mile High Nationals @ Bandimere Speedway together. It takes at least a month to find a place, give notice and then move.


I can only describe him as a . . . .

Fast forward almost twenty years and CW Caston is calling me on my cell phone as if NOTHING was amiss, no time had passed. Easy to do because we shared some great times together racing. But still.

"Now that I have your cell phone number and you have mine we can talk more!"

Not wanting to make too big a commitment I said, "Sure Chuck, here is my e-mail address you can drop me a line from time to time too."

I called him a few months later, after NO responses to an e-mail or two, I caught him while he was out on a ride, taking a break. "I haven't heard from you, how is the wife Darla, still working, Blah Blah Blah?" The usual stuff.

"I have poor reception out here I'll call you back later, Okay?"

And with that the story of Charles Wesley Caston and Shannon Karl Hughes ends there.

So if you ever run into Charles Wesley Caston(not the Black-American CW Caston, but the blonde haired, cigar chewing, coke drinking, waste and drain pipe installing, owner of CCR Racing, Texan)or myself and wonder the meaning of such ramblings, just ask one of us to explain.

He won't explain, I will.

S.K. Hughes

Read more about CW, in my book, titled,
'No Brag, Just Fact'
(if you can still find a copy)